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Siberian and Bengal Tigers

The Siberian Tiger is the largest of the big cats with a large male weighing over 364 kg (800 lbs). Siberian Tigers are found mostly in forested areas of northern Asia. Bengal tigers are small than the Siberian tigers with a large male weighing (500lbs) and are found in the southern area of Asia. The Tiger is a top predator and can take down and kill it's prey with incredible speed. A Tiger likes to stock it's prey and attack from behind.

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Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard weighing is at 50 kg (110 lbs) for a average male is classified as a large cat and even though that doesn't seem very big I guarantee that you would not want to meet one in the wild. The Snow leopard lives in the mountainous regions of Asia and skilled hunters.



Lynx (Bob Cat)

Lynx's are found all over the northern hemisphere and weigh about 15 kg (33 lbs) and have a stubby tail. Lynx in ancient Greek means "to see", this name was given to the cat because of it's sharp sight.

Barbary Lion

The Lion is the second largest cat in the world with the average male weighing in at about 200 kg (440 lbs). Lions inhabit most of Africa and are the top predators of their domain. The Barbary Lion is thought to be extinct in the wild but there are still some in captivity.




The average male Leopard weighs about 55 kg (121 lbs) and has a range from southern Africa to middle Asia. The Leopard and the Jaguar are very close in their appearance with the difference that the Jaguar's spot's have a inter spot in them and a Leopard's spots are hollow. Leopard's have also been know to produce a dark coat that looks black but you can see the spot pattern in the black coat if you look closely, not that you want to get too close to a Leopard.






Bear Cat - Binturong

The Bear Cat is a very interesting animal, I had not seen one before going to Wildlife on Easy Street and I found this animal fascinating. The Bear Cat got it's name because it looks like a Bear but is a cat. The Bear Cat walks plantigrade (on the souls of it's feet) where a Cat walks digitigrade (on it's toes) and the claws are non-retractable like a bears. The Bear Cat though has sharp eyesight like a cats instead of a keen sense of smell like a bear. The Bear Cat is also a avid climber and walks around in the trees like a human walks on the ground. The Bear Cat also has a long tail like a cat and long wiskers. A very interesting thing about the Bear Cat is it odor, the Bear Cat has a odor that smells like popcorn. The popcorn smell helps the Bear Cat to communicate with other Bear Cats. Bear cats weigh about 12 kg (26 lbs) and range from southwestern Europe to eastern Asia. The Bear Cat is very rare and are considered to be a threaten species which to too bad because they really are a fascinating animal and unlike most cats they have a friendlier personality. Some have been kept as pets because they they tend to be easier to domesticate than other wild cats and they even become friendly with the owner, if you can believe that a cat would actually be nice to it's owner.

A lot of the photos you see were taken in Tampa Florida at a wildlife preserve called Wildlife on Easy Street. Wildlife on Easy Street is a exotic cat preserve for animals that people thought where neat to have when they were cute little babies not thinking that the animals would grow up and become a large carnivore. Wildlife on Easy Street is helping save the animals from being destroyed and gives everyone the chance to see exotic cats that you would normally never get to see in the wild. For more information about Wildlife on Easy Street or exotic cats you can visit there website by clicking on the link.

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